Ray C. Helvig and Sons, Inc. was established in 1955. In today's high-tech world, not many mom and pop businesses survive, but Ray C. Helvig and Sons has now surpassed 50 years and is still going strong.

Ray Helvig had ambitious dreams and, unlike many, he was not afraid to take risks to make his dreams come true. A World War II Vet who relocated to Baltimore in 1950 with his growing family, Ray needed to supplement his income from his job with the railroad. Friends put him in contact with Benson's Fruitcake Company in Athens, Georgia, which needed a seasonal delivery man. So, Ray bought an old, beat up truck and started delivering Benson's fruitcakes out of a tiny garage behind his apartment.

Every evening, his family would go to the garage to prepare the fruitcakes for shipment. The children were young, but they had to learn the business and Ray's wife, Irene, efficiently ran the business from their dining room table. As the business grew, so did the family and Ray would eventually move the business from his garage to a Baltimore warehouse, appropriately located on Benson Avenue.

As time went on, Ray became a sales rep instead of a delivery man and began to add other products, becoming the top salesman for a candy company as well as Benson Fruitcakes. As business continued to grow, he moved to a larger warehouse and Irene was able to become a stay-at-home mom. Ray was eventually able to retire from the railroad, hire a secretary to handle the office work, and focus on making sales with his sons. The rest is history.